“That’s my Boy”
Remember that time, 10 years ago, during the April school holidays, when cousin Beau came around. He had just got his licence and wanted to go to Perth and drive around. It was after 9pm and I disagreed and wouldn’t let you go. Beau left and you got a huff up, packed a bag and headed into the night to the bus stop.
I came along pleading with you to come home. Not Joey! I walked home and waited up for you. In the morning your bed was empty and I started ringing around. It was about 10am and there you were. You had slept in the shed. You had come back home that night. We hugged and made up.
All that day we worked on the water truck we got from an auction (our future business together).
 Next day, Sunday, you were going home to Northcliffe, back to school. I took you to your step-brother Ben, who was taking you home that afternoon. I will never forget that hug, embrace and tears that day before you got in the car and left. It was pure emotion of bonding between father and son. It was the last time I saw you alive.
It’s been TEN long years now.

Things get hazy sometimes. I sometimes wonder if you were ever here. You were, we love you Joey.

Mum and Dad

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