Below are some links to pamphlets and blogs that may help you in your grief process

A Father’s Grief
A Mother’s Grief 
Caring for Surviving Children
Death of an Adult Child
Grieving Couples
The Bereaved Parent Coping Alone
How Can I Help?…When a Child Parents Who are Childless
Seven Principles of TCF
Suggestions for Clergy
Suggestions for Medical Personnel
Suggestions for First Responders
Suggestions for Funeral Died 
Moving Forward Through Grief
Our Children’s Friends
The Creative Use of Grief
When a Child Dies 
When a Brother or Sister Dies
When a Co-Worker is Grieving The Death of a Child
When a Grandchild Dies 
When an Employee is Grieving
When a Step-Child Dies
When Your Child Dies
Stillbirth, Miscarriage & Infant Death

Below are some internet links to other chapters of The Compassionate Friends, with brochures available to download from their websites:
The Compassionate Friends of Victoria – brochures
The Compassionate Friends of UK – leaflets
The Compassionate Friends of USA – brochures
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